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He's teaching English as a Second Language at Mérici Collégial Privé. He obtained B.A. in English Studies from Laval University and is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in English Literature.



Published October 15, 2018

Sharing Content Efficiently with Mind Maps

Simon Côté-Massicotte Editor, Profweb

If you teach in the Québec college system, chances are that you work with Omnivox. While MIO and LÉA are excellent for communicating with students quickly and easily, they are sub-optimal when it comes to sharing large quantities material. Luckily for teachers, there are ways to work around Omnivox’ cumbersome system, for instance, with the use of mind maps. Mindmeister, a web-based mind mapping application, provides a user-friendly interface to create efficient and aesthetically pleasing mind maps to share an infinite quantity of pedagogical resources from one link.


Real Life Stories

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Published April 16, 2018

Using Factile to Make Engaging Review Sessions

Simon Côté-Massicotte Editor, Profweb

Keeping students focused and motivated is a constant challenge for teachers, especially in classes where a lot of the material has to be learnt by heart. An effective way to address that issue is to turn review sessions into games: the informal context allows students to relax and the friendly competition keeps them motivated. The web-based application, Factile, which I have used in my English for Adventure Tourism class, allows you to turn your classroom into the set of Jeopardy and make your review sessions efficient and entertaining.

English (Second Language)


Etudiants ordinateurs

Published November 30, 2018

An Introduction to Virtual Team Teaching with Sharon Coyle

Simon Côté-Massicotte Editor, Profweb

Virtual team teaching, or VTT, consists of having students from different colleges, often in different regions, collaborate on assignments or projects in a synchronous manner using online communication tools, in class. Invaluable in courses where the student is invited to learn about other cultures and languages, VTT has the potential to enhance almost any course.



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Published August 16, 2018

SALTISE 2018 Annual Conference Highlights

Ryan W. Moon Editor, Profweb
Susan MacNeil Editor, Profweb
Simon Côté-Massicotte Editor, Profweb

Just prior to the summer break, hundreds of educators interested in active learning gathered for the 2018 SALTISE annual conference, which was hosted this year at McGill University. The diverse range of presentations led by guest speakers from around the globe did not disappoint, keeping attendees engaged for the entire day. What follows are some highlights from members of Profweb Editorial Team who were on hand for this year’s conference.