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Published December 11, 2011

Assessing the IT Skills of College Students

Rhys Adams Teacher, Vanier College
Yves Munn Learning Technology Advisor, VTÉ

Yves Munn, IT pedagogical counselor at Cégep @ distance, discusses important work being done in connection with the preparation of a diagnostic tool for the IT skills of college students. He encourages professionals in the network to participate in drafting questions for the question bank, an activity which will be remunerated.


Real Life Stories

Published December 8, 2010

Using Webwork to Enliven Discussion in Physics Classrooms

Rhys Adams Teacher, Vanier College

At Vanier, the Physics Department has been using Webwork to develop not only standard physics problem libraries but problems that embed Flash and Java simulations found on the internet. The addition of these simulations and the questions that they engender allow students to experiment with the functionality of the explained principles in an online pre-lecture preparation context.