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About the Author

She has taught French at Vanier College since 2015. Her vision of teaching can be summarized in 3 points: she prioritises oral communication, stimulates the students to reflect on the mechanisms of the language, and practices active teaching. She is interested in personal literature and is currently working on the dialogue between comics and diaries.

Real Life Stories


Published February 18, 2019

My Use of Francomane — Remedial French as a Second Language Courses

Rana El Gharbie Teacher, Vanier College

As a teacher, I am always on the lookout for new resources for teaching French as a Second Language (FSL). While there are numerous textbooks, online resources are rare for students in remedial courses. You can then imagine my joy when I discovered Francomane last year. That website, fun and easy to use, is very popular with my students.

French (Second Language)