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Published February 23, 2016

Cite It! A Tutorial to Help Students Cite Sources Correctly

Paulette Cake Project Manager - English Language Division, CCDMD

Dr. Anna Woodrow, a Humanities teacher at John Abbott College, knew that her students, especially first-year students, had difficulty citing sources and often became discouraged because they had no idea where to start. They couldn’t find useful and easy-to-use tools on the Internet. Anna had the idea to create a tutorial and applied to the CCDMD’s Call for Projects. Her project was accepted, and I am the project manager that has been helping her bring her idea to life.



Published November 6, 2012

Online Testing With Netquiz Software

Paulette Cake Project Manager - English Language Division, CCDMD

Online testing seems like the wave of the future, but actually, it’s a well-established tool. There are many software programs out there that create tests, but did you know that the CCDMD has developed NETQUIZ? It’s a free software program that allows you to create Web-based tests without programming or HTML knowledge; both formative and summative quizzes can be created for any discipline.


Published March 14, 2011

Interactive Resource on Writing Thesis Statements - Preparation for the English Exit Exam

Paulette Cake Project Manager - English Language Division, CCDMD

The CCDMD's English Language Division has been building resources which focus on the English Exit Exam (EEE). In the summer of 2010, a flipbook which focuses on Writing Thesis Statements, a challenge for many students when writing essays for the EEE was completed by the CCDMD with Marya Grant from Vanier College's Learning Centre.