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She has taught physics since 2002 in the pre-university and technical sectors. As she holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering, Mylène particularly likes to adopt a fieldwork approach in her teaching of physics. She considers that this approach gives more sense to the teachings and that it prepares students well to integrate more abstract concepts. Since fall 2017, Mylène has also been acting as a project manager at the Lab321 of Collège Laflèche.

Real Life Stories

Conception 3d 2 thumb

Published April 25, 2019

Students in charge of a 3D printer as part of an interdisciplinary project in Natural Sciences

Martin Lepage Teacher, Collège Laflèche
Mylène Robitaille Teacher, Collège Laflèche

As part of an interdisciplinary learning activity, we decided to make our Natural Sciences students experience a true digital conception and manufacture project. The activity, spanning 2 semesters, involved experts outside of the domain of education whose interventions sought to stimulate the creativity of the students, all the while accentuating the realistic character of the project.