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PhD, specialist in literature, is a teacher of Arts, Letters and Communication, Languages profile. More specifically, she teaches the course Carnet de voyages (in French and English), as well as general education English as a second language courses. Her research interests include bilingualism in Canada, communication and intercultural skills, and the value of living in a multilingual and multicultural society.

Real Life Stories


Published February 20, 2020

Videoconferencing to Build Bridges Between Student Communities

Muna Shafiq Teacher, Cégep Limoilou

In 2017 and 2018, I organized 2 very successful trips to Vancouver with my students, enrolled in the Language profile of Cégep Limoilou’s Arts, Letters and Communication program. Because this type of cultural exchange adds great value to the career path of our students, but also to that of students in British Columbia, in the fall 2019 semester, I organized a virtual encounter to continue forging ties between these young people living on both sides of the country.

English (Second Language)