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About the Author

He has taught Physics since 1994. He was awarded with an Honourable Mention from the AQPC in 2011, the Minister of Superior Education, Research and Science Award (resource in French only) in 2014, and the Award for Excellence in Teaching Physics from the Canadian Association of Physicists in 2017.

The course notes that he has put online are read all around the world and are used in various other schools, notably universities.

Combining a traditional method with sessions dedicated to conceptual questions, Luc Tremblay has also put in place a problem-based approach in the course carrying the final summative examination of the Natural Science program.

He has also been coordinator of the Natural Sciences program for 9 years and has participated twice, as a consultant, in the efforts of the Commission d’évaluation de l’enseignement collégial.

He is involved in the student life of his college. Player in a cosom hockey team, he sometimes organises demonstrations of Galileo’s Law of Fall with pumpkins on Halloween.

Real Life Stories


Published October 22, 2018

Creating Digital Course Notes to Make Learning Easier

Luc Tremblay Teacher, Collège Mérici

After some 15 years of teaching, I decided to create my own course notes. I used Word (with MathType) for the writing, and saved the files as PDF. I used PaintShop Pro to create the figures. I integrated clickable hyperlinks in my notes, which gives them a an added value when read in their digital format, but they can also be used in a printed format. Besides, that is what students prefer to do. My notes are online on my site, La physique à Mérici (resource in French only), and are accessible to all.


Real Life Stories

Published February 1, 2009

Click for Concept-based Physics

Luc Tremblay Teacher, Collège Mérici

Physics courses can lead to the understanding of phenomena rather than the rote use of formulas!