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About the Author

After completing a B.Ed. at McGill and a M.Ed. at the University of Alberta, Linda Manimtim helped develop online English literature courses and assessments for the University of Alberta, delivered blended communication classes at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, and taught digital literacy at Farnborough College of Technology in England. She was fortunate enough to help pioneer the LINC (Language Training for Newcomers to Canada) Online course at NorQuest College in Alberta, and to help develop and deliver online communication courses for nurses for PEG Canada, Manitoba. Currently, she is an instructional designer working on language and digital literacy courses for Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s been a great adventure, full of change and challenge – and she wouldn’t have it any other way!



Published May 20, 2019

A World Wide Web: Engaging Learners Online

Linda Manimtim, M.Ed., Red River College, Winnipeg MB and EAL Specialist, PEG Canada

In this digital age, information is available to our students at the click of a Google search. They have access to amazing tools as well as unreliable information at the touch of a finger. As instructors, we have the opportunity to help guide this rushing river of data to benefit our students and ourselves. They’re online at home, on the bus, while they’re eating, while they watch TV, while they socialize, and sometimes while they are in class. So, why not take advantage of this almost natural proclivity, and make use of it for educational purposes?

English (Second Language)