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She is a teacher and discipline representative at the ITA. She's been teaching there for 5 years, mainly to groups in the 102 and 103 courses. Her Taekwondo training from a very young age and participation in high-level competitions for more than 10 years in this discipline hooked her on sports. From the time that she was 15, she began teaching Taekwondo, and then became a trainer in a sport and fitness centre in 2002. Her passion for teaching and communicating grew with these two jobs. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Health at the Université de Sherbrooke in 2011 and then became a head trainer for Énergie Cardio. In 2012, she joined the teaching staff at the ITA thanks to the expertise she developed in physical training over the last 10 years.

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Published April 13, 2017

Physical Education and the Flipped Classroom: A Custom Training Program Thanks to Moodle

Renaud Despaties-Witty Teacher, ITA - Campus Saint-Hyacinthe
Laura Mercier Teacher, ITA - Campus Saint-Hyacinthe

At the turn of the century, seeing obesity, cardiovascular illnesses and type II diabetes rates that were skyrocketing within the population, the ITA (Institut de technologie agroalimentaire) decided to take on the issue of physical inactivity that was, and still is, affecting our society. We decided to focus the physical education courses which are mandatory for the DCS/DEC on adopting healthy life habits - more specifically focusing on regular physical activity (3 workout sessions per week).

Physical Education