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In May 2020, Patricia Lapointe, pedagogical advisor at Cégep Limoilou, interviewed (at a distance!) 2 teachers from her college about their experience with the emergency modifications that had to be made to their courses in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. These teachers come from 2 different disciplines and work in different contexts. You will find here the testimony of Geneviève Gagnon, a math teacher and the testimonial of Andy Van Drom (modern languages).

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Published June 7, 2020

Emergency Transition to Distance Education - A Math Teacher's Story

Patricia Lapointe Educational Advisor, Cégep Limoilou
Geneviève Gagnon Teacher, Cégep Limoilou

In my case, the decision as to whether to teach in a synchronous or asynchronous format was easy to make. I was already teaching a course in synchronous mode with the Online Business Management cohort, so it was natural for me to continue in this mode. It's true that having virtual appointments set in the schedule makes it easy to supervise the students.