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He has been teaching and creating ESL materials for over 30 years. He co-authored the "Take" collection, a 5-level high school series, the most profitable venture in Canadian educational publishing. His most recent publication is Actively Engaged in Academic Writing for 103A cegep students. He also created a series of successful self-published online courses for learners and teachers at



Published January 14, 2020

Automatic Essay Evaluation with the Virtual Writing Tutor

Nicholas Walker Teacher, Collège Ahuntsic
Frank Bonkowski, PhD. Teacher, Cégep de Saint-Laurent

It’s the week before the beginning of the semester and you are finalizing your course plan. How many writing assignments will you assign this semester? Will you assign one midterm essay and one final essay like your colleagues, or will you assign more?

English (Second Language)

Real Life Stories

Published December 6, 2016

A Virtual Teaching Assistant in the Blended Classroom

Frank Bonkowski, PhD. Teacher, Cégep de Saint-Laurent

A blended learning approach (sometimes referred to as hybrid teaching) seems to be the best of both worlds, combining online instruction with face-to-face classroom interaction. Many report that the blended classroom–regardless of which model is used–is flexible and convenient, as it offers access to lots of resources. Using online tools can also increase student motivation. A 2012 article in Profweb reported that the hybrid/blended classroom is growing in popularity in Québec. This is not surprising since some recent research has shown that blended classrooms can outperform traditional classrooms. I’ve been teaching academic writing to high-intermediate and advanced English as a Second Language (ESL) students at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent for the past several years. Using the Moodle platform, I’ve been doing hybrid or blended teaching in multi-skill courses at the 102 and 103 levels.

English (Second Language)