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About the Author

He has been a teacher in Business Technologies since the winter semester of 2008. He has a strong interest in marketing. He received a Teacher Mobility grant from Cégep International in 2011 and in 2012 for projects with universities in Thailand and in Cambodia. In addition, he taught in Thailand in 2013 and attended different marketing seminars, notably in Singapore in 2014 and in Hong Kong in 2016. François also coached the students for strategic marketing competitions, where he won first place in Canada in 2011 as well as first place in several provincial competitions.

Real Life Stories


Published December 12, 2016

Following the Evolution of Student Projects with Snapchat

François Longpré Teacher, Collège Lionel-Groulx

I currently teach the course Management Methodologies in the Business Technologies Program. It takes place in the 5th semester and it acts as an integrative activity. Within this course, students put into practice the theoretical notions taught in event organisation, with the objective of raising money for a foundation of their choice. It’s their occasion to demonstrate the competencies they have developed in the areas of planning, organisation, management and control during their studies.

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