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Eric Tremblay teaches at Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy in the Nursing and Paramedic Care programs. A biologist by training, he is also a clinical physiotherapist (check out his YouTube channel[in French] and his professional Facebook page [in French]). In the fall 2014 session, Eric Tremblay developed a program that has been used since then, to systematically integrate the iPad in the 2 college programs mentioned above. In his desire to creatively engage his students, he is constantly looking for innovative pedagogical strategies and digital tools.

Eric Tremblay is also a lecturer for Performa. Since 2018, as part of their Graduate Certificate in College Teaching, he has been giving a dedicated training course on the subject of the use of the tablet in college education.

Real Life Stories


Published May 9, 2021

Influencing the Progress of an Authentic Task Simulation in Distance Learning

Eric Tremblay Teacher, Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy

Putting students in contact with their future work environment is, for them, as formative as it is motivating. In a course that I teach in the Paramedic Care Program, I had the exceptional collaboration of 4 paramedics who agreed to do a pre-hospital emergency care

Auxiliary Nursing Technology