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He has been teaching in the P.W. Sims Business Program at CEGEP Champlain-St. Lawrence for 8 years. As such, Dominic primarily teaches courses in the fields of finance and information technology. Prior to his teaching career, Dominic worked in the commercial real estate investment field. Dominic holds a bachelor’s degree from Laval University, an MBA from UQAM and remains an active member of l’Ordre des Évaluateurs Agréés du Québec.

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Published March 28, 2017

New Quiz Feature in Google Forms

Dominic Fournier Teacher, Champlain College - Saint Lawrence

I have been an avid user of Google Forms for several years and I was pleasantly surprised to find a new feature added to the app. Google Forms has become one of the favorite tools I use for many of my courses. I not only use it for quizzes and surveys, but also for team project registration and topic selection, receiving internship information from students, and receiving online assignments, to name a few. Although I have tried other applications, I keep coming back to Google Forms for the ease with which other software and applications integrate into it and because it is free for my students, my college and myself.