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He has taught in the humanities department at Dawson College since 2009. He holds a BA and MA in history from McGill University. An avid explorer of the inner and outer worlds, Daniel is the author of Choose Your Metaphor. When he's not chasing after his 2 young children, you can find him roaming the Quebec countryside with a yoga mat and book of philosophy in his backpack.

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Published October 22, 2019

Using Visual Storytelling to Explore Distressing Topics in the College Classroom

Daniel Goldsmith Teacher, Dawson College

How do you speak about trauma without it becoming too personal? How do you provide support to a student whose painful memories and emotions might be triggered by such a discussion? An ECQ grant (Entente Canada-Quebec) in 2018-2019 allowed Mark McGuire at John Abbott College and I to develop a website presenting pedagogical materials using visual storytelling as a means of dealing with disturbing topics.