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About the Author

He is a Technopedagogical Advisor at Collecto, where he helps learning professionals make technology appropriate for their contexts, just like he did as a technopédagogue for Vitrine technologie-éducation from 2014 to 2016. Alex comes back to this role after a few in Ottawa (creating cybersecurity learning pathways and a Massive Open Online Learning Experience on public engagement), and in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean for participatory-action research at COlab.



Published October 5, 2014

Wearable Smarts

Alexandre Enkerli Technopedagogical Advisor, Support and Innovation in Digital Pedagogy, Collecto

Wearable devices have been on people’s minds for a while. From Dick Tracy’s 2-way wrist radio to Geordi La Forge’s VISOR, gadgets have frequently found their way to fictional characters’ bodies. Recently, the world of consumer technology is abuzz with “smartglasses” made by Google along with “smartwatches” made by Samsung or Apple.


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