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Profweb is an organization which promotes the use of educational digital resources for colleges as well as the sharing of inspiring pedagogical strategies.

Profweb is financed by MEES (Ministère de l'Éducation et de Enseignement Supérieur) for the benefit of all teachers of the Quebec college network.

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In Profweb, discover…

  • Inspiring Publications:
    • Real-Life Stories are told by teachers or other academics about a concrete experience involving an educational strategy, particularly one that highlights the integration of information and communication technology into learning.
    • Articles are by the Profweb team, the IT Partners, teachers and other academics sharing knowledge, advice and tips related to pedagogical innovation or educational digital resources.
    • In-Depth Reports are detailed texts written by a teacher or pedagogical counsellor to share their expertise about a given subject in the field of information technology or about an innovative pedagogical practice.
  • Useful Digital Tools: Profweb features the tools and services offered by its IT Partners and by government initiatives and organizations.
  • Activity Calendar: Profweb informs you of upcoming events, conventions, colloquiums, workshops and continuing education programs.
  • Educational Web Space Hosting: Profweb offers web hosting free of charge for registered users to create their own blogs and wikis where they can benefit from the support of the Profweb technical team.

On the Profweb site you can comment about texts and interact with other teachers in the Quebec college network as well as with the authors of our various texts. The Profweb Team is ready to answer your questions and provide advice. Are you a teacher in the Quebec college network? Do you have an experience to share with your colleagues? Call the Profweb Team!

The Profweb Team also is involved with continuing education. Team members are present at events across the Quebec college community to promote resources and foster the sharing of information about ICT integration activities.


Graphic Standards Guide

When using Profweb's visual identity, you must follow the graphic standards guide (french version). Those guidelines were established in order to enable users to maintain Profweb's brand integrity. Communicate with Profweb by phone or by email if you have questions.

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