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Published April 18, 2018

An Open Education Resource for Physical Education

Cindy Cook B.Ed. (P.E.) Teacher, Collège LaSalle

The Physical Education department at LaSalle College is small; there are 3 full-time and 4 part-time teachers. When we decided to create our own, tailor-made course materials, several members of the teaching team got on board. It has taken the shape of a digital format textbook, or eBook, which we called Moving Toward the Benefits of Physical Activity. Cindy Cook and Marc Beauchamp did the writing and content-checking, Samantha Haas edited every chapter, and Sylvain Desmarteau did the Word formatting, layout, graphic search, creation and set up of the hosting site (presently a Google site).

Physical Education

Real Life Stories

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Published April 16, 2018

Using Factile to Make Engaging Review Sessions

Simon Côté-Massicotte Teacher, Collège Mérici

Keeping students focused and motivated is a constant challenge for teachers, especially in classes where a lot of the material has to be learnt by heart. An effective way to address that issue is to turn review sessions into games: the informal context allows students to relax and the friendly competition keeps them motivated. The web-based application, Factile, which I have used in my English for Adventure Tourism class, allows you to turn your classroom into the set of Jeopardy and make your review sessions efficient and entertaining.

English (Second Language)

Real Life Stories

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Published April 16, 2018

Facebook Groups to Maintain a Quality Pedagogical Relationship with Students

Martin Ouellette Teacher, Collégial international Sainte-Anne

I teach in the Art, Literature and Communications program at Collégial International Sainte-Anne. I use Facebook groups in my classes to make communicating and sharing information with my students easier. The use of that network also maintains a quality pedagogical relationship with my students.

Real Life Stories


Published April 9, 2018

Producing Videos with Tablets to Facilitate Student Review

Ryan W. Moon Editor, Profweb
Shazia Syed Teacher, Heritage College

Since Chemistry can be a challenging subject for students, I am always looking for creative ways to engage the students and to more effectively share the subject matter. With the realization that students often turn to online videos as a learning resource, I decided to create my own. In doing so, I could provide the students with videos that would be specific to their learning needs. After researching a few solutions, I began using an app on my tablet called ShowMe to produce summary videos for my students.


Real Life Stories

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Published March 16, 2018

Using Twitter for Academic and Educational Purposes

Félix McMurray Teacher, Collège Mérici

Using Twitter in one of my courses was an idea that simmered for a while. Being a Twitter user myself, I have always been fascinated by the many opportunities that this social networking service offers.

English (Second Language)

Real Life Stories

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Published March 2, 2018

Teaching with Interactive Videos Thanks to Edpuzzle

Basile Tchize Teacher, Cégep de Saint-Laurent

To diversify my teaching strategies, I use online videos. These explain concepts in a smart way through images and simple demonstrations that facilitate understanding. I use these videos in a flipped classroom approach or as part of a self-directed learning approach. Although I find the content of the videos relevant, I am not always satisfied with the students’ level of engagement. I was introduced to the Edpuzzle platform, which really meets my needs. Here’s why.


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