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Real Life Stories

Published January 27, 2008

ALGO-ROBOT - Learning By Doing

Julie Frève Teacher, Cégep Limoilou

Here is an account where we learn that even the Computer Science laboratory can benefit from the innovative use of Information Technology.  

Electronic Data-processing

Real Life Stories

Published January 21, 2008

Video in the Court of King Richard III

Winston Sutton Teacher, Dawson College

Winston Sutton explains how using videos in his evaluations in the Theatre Arts Department at Dawson College led to their appearance in a production at the new Dome Theatre.


Real Life Stories

Published November 20, 2007

Shaping Instruction Using Real Time Student Feedback

Nathaniel Lasry, PhD, Cégep John Abbott College

Nathaniel Lasry tells about an experiment done at Cégep John Abbott to verify the effectiveness of Peer Instruction used with wireless handheld devices or 'Clickers' in Physics classes given at the school.


Real Life Stories

Published November 13, 2007

Shared Drive - Venerable IT?

Norm Spatz Editor (retired), Profweb

Does technology have to be leading edge? Is newer always better? Profweb's Norm Spatz takes a look at how these questions are being addressed at colleges around Quebec.


Real Life Stories

Published November 6, 2007

Strategies for Preventing Student Plagiarism

Dr Laurence Nixon, Dawson College

While interviewing Lawrence Nixon about his use of the Shared Drive at Dawson College, he mentioned the document we are reproducing below on plagiarism. Dr Nixon originally presented this information at an information session at the college. This is an example of the quality of information that circulates in the collegial system often without wider distribution. Profweb is pleased to be helping to remedy this situation.


Real Life Stories

Published October 30, 2007

Confessions of a Use-driven Consumer of Information Technology

Joanne McCalla Teacher, Champlain College - Saint Lawrence

Joanne McCalla takes a no-nonsense approach to information technology in her teaching. Animated by a real need to help her students, she only uses IT when she needs it and only uses what she needs of it. This is one very successful way to use technology and still stay in charge. It reflects Joanne's problem-based approach to teaching which she has outlined in the Journal of Chemical Education and now in our pages.


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