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Real Life Stories

Published September 10, 2007

Team Teaching in the Virtual World

Norm Spatz Editor (retired), Profweb

Norm Spatz has assembled a tour of a unique team-teaching experiment that has already produced innovative and enriching results. Since September 2006, Vanier College and the Cégep de Sept-Îles have been involved in an initiative to enhance the learning experience of students from both cegeps by giving them a chance to meet in the virtual world.


Real Life Stories

Published March 12, 2007

David Wells Customizes IT

David Wells IT Director and IT Representative, Marianopolis College

According to David, the true challenge of being an IT director and representative is not just to get the teachers who are computer savvy up to speed, but to get people who don't use technology in their lives to use it as a tool in their teaching. Read more about his teacher friendly vision of IT insertion.


Real Life Stories

Published February 27, 2007

Astronauts or Teachers?

Donna Aziz-Canuel Teacher, Collège Lionel-Groulx

We have all felt it! The thrill of successfully using a new technology can have all the excitement of space travel. Donna Aziz-Canuel of collège Lionel-Groulx compares herself to an astronaut launching into cyberspace. Read about Donna's trip using the Horizon Wimba platform!

English (Second Language)

Real Life Stories

Published January 29, 2007

Back to the future – Zenome recreates the collegial library on-line

Zsolt Szigetvari Teacher, Dawson College

Inspired by the venerable card catalogues in libraries of yesteryear, Zsolt Szigetvari, a media studies teacher at Dawson College, has created a way to make browsing on the web less like a popularity contest. An experienced on-line teacher, he has taken the fruits of his experience with on-line courses and built a site called ‘Zenome’, which is an on-line directory that organizes material by communities of interest. For example, Zenome links students of urban design researching the topic of Paris to material on Notre Dame Cathedral and not to news about Paris Hilton. He calls his idea ‘a directory of communities’. In such a community, like minded people, real people, work together to evaluate resources on the web that relate to a subject of common interest.


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