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Published May 3, 2016

Audio Feedback: Customized Follow-up for Students

Karine Bélair Teacher, Collégial international Sainte-Anne

When I am correcting my students’ assignments in my French or Law courses, I often feel the need to go beyond my correction codes. For me, it seems insufficient to simply mark “unclear” or “requires further development.” How can you clarify? What does “requires further development” mean? I really want to reformulate the sentence that requires clarification, and to outline the explanations in order to provide an example. It’s unfortunate that my handwriting is difficult for students to decipher. It’s also unfortunate that their copy looks like a construction site after I have finished my job of editing, crossing out sentences and adding comments, as much within the text as in the margins… That’s why I tried out a new style of providing feedback – audio feedback.

French (Language and Literature)

Real Life Stories

Published May 2, 2016

Motivating Students to Write by Changing Their Medium from Paper and Pen to ICT Platforms

Andy Van Drom Teacher, Cégep Limoilou

Keeping students motivated to practice writing and improve their English language skills is challenging. Today’s students don’t get excited over writing a text and handing it in, just to have it evaluated – and with good reason. The integration of ICT into my pedagogical strategies has allowed me to make writing activities more dynamic and appealing for students. These techniques don’t revolutionize the content, nor the objective of the action of writing, but the platforms I have used in my overall approach have definitely improved the students’ enthusiasm for writing and the creativity that is brought to the assignments. Instead of writing “for the sake of writing”, students are truly communicating again.

Real Life Stories

Profil TIC

Commentaires travaux

Published April 27, 2016

Using Google Docs to Teach Essay Writing and Create an Environment for Peer Learning

Johanne Morin Teacher, Cégep Limoilou

The collaboration possibilities provided by Google Docs have allowed me to take teaching essay writing to both a higher and more effective level. Students advance through the notions of essay writing, working continuously on improving the same document throughout the semester, to finish with a polished essay. Peer learning with Google Docs creates an atmosphere of collaboration and makes it easier for me and the students to see the progress being made as well as the competencies being acquired.

English (Second Language)

Real Life Stories


Published April 27, 2016

The Swivl: I Haven’t Lost Any Students So Far!

Ken Fogel Teacher, Dawson College

In 2015, I became interested in taping my lectures to make them available to students for review purposes or so that they could catch up on classes that they had missed. I remembered a Kickstarter project from a few years back called the Swivl motion-sensor camera dock and saw that they had recently begun focusing on the education market. I then set out on my trek to procure one and try it out in my classes during the fall semester of 2015.

Electronic Data-processing

Real Life Stories


Published April 12, 2016

The Electronic Tablet in Dance: A Tool at the Service of the Body

Sophie Lavigne Teacher, Collège Montmorency
Pierre Cohen-Bacrie IT Educational Advisor, Collège Montmorency

In a program such as the pre-university DEC in Dance, where visual elements have so much importance, digital elements – in particular in the form of the electronic tablet – open stimulating perspectives for teaching and learning. This is what stands out from the interview conducted by Pierre Cohen-Bacrie, ICT education advisor, with Sophie Lavigne, dance teacher at Collège Montmorency.


Real Life Stories

Distance learning publication

Published March 29, 2016

From Lecturing to an Online Strategy for the Building Envelope Course

Lise Faucher Teacher, Cégep de Drummondville

A problematic learning situation in one of the courses in the Real Estate Valuation Technology program brought me to completely transform the pedagogical approach of the course. This change of direction, from lecturing to an online strategy, allowed my students to develop efficient work methods just as much as their competencies in the program! All of this took place in the fall of 2015 and was possible thanks to the Moodle digital learning environment.

Building and Public Works Technology

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