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Published September 8, 2014

What is ‘Unlocking Research’?

Norm Spatz Editor, Profweb

Unlocking Research is a guide developed by the library staff at the Saint-Lambert Campus of Champlain College to help college level students navigate their way through the research process from the initial definition and development of a research topic to the final citation of sources in the bibliography. Unlike many similar tools, Unlocking Research targets the college level student, avoiding topics such as how to write theses, which are too advanced, and focuses on topics where college students often have difficulties. For example, there is information on how to recognize the elements of a bibliography because college students trying to do a bibliography may not recognize the difference between the article author and the editor of a book or the title of a book and the title of the chapter. Unlocking Research and associated Glossary were created with the help of a grant from the Entente Canada Québec.


Digital Tools

Boutique liki lab

Published August 18, 2014

Liki Lab

Frédéric René Vice-president,

Liki Lab is a tool for deepening the concepts related to electronic commerce. Liki Lab aims to enable students in programs such as Business Management Technology to learn best practices of online commercial site design. The Liki Lab educational platform can be accessed for free and was developed by Liki in collaboration with colleges and universities.

Administrative Sciences and Technologies

Digital Tools

Published April 7, 2014

Profweb's Web Space

Profweb Editorial team, Profweb

Profweb donne accès à un environnement web aux enseignants du réseau collégial pour leur permettre de mettre en ligne et de créer diverses ressources pédagogiques.


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