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PERFORMA is a partner dedicated to the professional development and training of teachers for IT proficiency. PERFORMA brings together a faculty of the Université de Sherbrooke and 61 college-level institutions.

The mission of PERFORMA is to support the professional development of college-level teaching personnel (teachers and academic counsellors) and the institutional pedagogical development of network members. In this regard, PERFORMA offers university-level accredited activities for the professional development of college teachers.

The PERFORMA pedagogical model advocates the development of customized training activities in response to needs expressed by teachers and identified by local representatives in all member colleges. This model also emphasizes short-term learning transfer in professional practice.


PERFORMA activities take the form of courses, seminars, workshops, labs, or tutoring activities that develop pedagogical approaches or teaching tools. PERFORMA training is adapted to the needs and teaching schedules of pedagogical personnel: activities take place face-to-face in member colleges or by means of online training.

All professional development activities offered are attached to one or more PERFORMA programs:

PERFORMA is also involved in postgraduate level programs conducted by the education faculty of the Université de Sherbrooke.

PERFORMA also disseminates pedagogical resources. PERFORMA conducts projects, among others, related to the integration of technology, such as the following:

Note that a number of master’s theses related to ICT integration into college teaching are available from the Centre de documentation collégiale (CDC) website for consultation.


  • Jules Bélanger
    1 800 267-8337, ext. 62467
  • Sawsen Lakhal
    Assistant Professor, ICT Committee Member
    819 821-8000, ext. 61029

Contact Information

Telephone: 819 821-7424
Facebook: PERFORMA - Université de Sherbrooke

Postal Address

Faculté d’éducation
Université de Sherbrooke
2500, boulevard de l’Université
Sherbrooke (Québec) J1K 2R1

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