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The Association for the Educational Application of Computer Technology at the Post-Secondary Level (APOP):

  • Meets the needs of teaching personnel for information, exchange, training, and professional development in relation to the use of ICTs in teaching and learning
  • Supports the implementation and use of ICTs as an educational resource
  • Brings together and supports teaching personnel interested in the development and educational integration of ICTs

Defining APOP

APOP offers professional development activities for technological skills in teaching and in learning to improve professional practices. These activities, delivered online through video conferencing tools, vary in length from 2–6 hours. They are part of a non-credit professional development initiative.

They are offered in a variety of formats:

  • Workshops in technopedagogical skills adapted to the diverse needs of teaching personnel (APOP_mobile)
  • Targeted activities in response to specific needs, offered to a homogeneous group of teachers in the same discipline, department, or program, (APOP_taxi)
  • Made-to-measure individual support in developing and carrying out a structured technopedagogical project (APOP_tandem)

These activities are accessible to member establishments of the Collective Professional Development Fund (CPDF) as well as to non-members. Additional information is available from the institution or at

L’APOP performs and disseminates a variety of guided activities dealing with targeted and current themes in technopedagogy. Webinars, interviews, lunchtime chat sessions, and presentations are offered in collaboration with academics and partners. These activities take place in the Cantine, an open web space with free access and no registration, where collaborative exchanges and thematic discussions are on the menu. Guided activities can be viewed in the website section of Technopedagogical capsules.

The APOP_411 service is a technopedagogical online support service, in synchronous or asynchronous mode. This service aims to support teachers in their use of technology for planning, performing and evaluating their teaching activities, their learning activities, and their supervisory activities in a prompt and timely manner. APOP_411 is a frontline support service providing direct access to adapted resources and relevant responses from an expert technician.

Contact Information

The APOP Management Team provides advanced education (ED) services in techno-pedagogy, multi-media content adaptation and support to users of technological tools. Its professionals have been involved in and contributed to various achievements in techno-pedagogy since 1982. The team draws on a solid expertise that allows it to act in continuity and versatility to ensure the development and transfer in digital.

Telephone: 581 981-7002, ext. 209

Postal Address

850 avenue de Vimy
Postal Box 35
Québec (Québec) G1S 0B7

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Published May 13, 2014

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