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Resources Associated with the ICT Profile

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Resources Associated with the ICT Profile

Published March 16, 2016

Liki Lab and On-line Stores: My New ‘Fave’ in Teaching

During the fall semester of 2014, Natacha Tremblay attended a presentation on Liki Labs that was organized as part of the Ped Day at her college. Right away, she decided to work with the platform for second half of a course she would be teaching during the winter semester of 2015, entitled Sales Office or Store Layout.

Resources Associated with the ICT Profile

Published November 25, 2010

Collaboratively Fostering Understanding

Since my graduate studies, I have always been curious to find out if writing about something helped me understand it better. Last year the opportunity to test this theory presented itself when Vanier College created grants for teachers who wanted to do projects fostering student success. The college's objective is to help students with their study and research skills as well as with their language skills. Inspired by a project that my younger sister had done at McGill with Wikipedia, a group of teachers in Mathematics determined that using a wiki platform could help students to not only express themselves better in English, but more specifically in the vocabulary of the sciences that we are trying to teach them.

Resources Associated with the ICT Profile

Published March 25, 2008

The Electronic Portfolio - A Timesaving Solution to Plagiarism That Puts the Accent on Learning

One of the most effective strategies for preventing plagiarism is to track student work by taking into account the steps that lead to the final work. This way of proceeding makes it possible to follow the student's approach and is likely to discourage the plagiarist who would like to get away with work already completed in advance. This is what the portfolio approach proposes.

Resources Associated with the ICT Profile

Published December 4, 2011

Student Facebook Pages - A New Agenda in the Classroom

Maggie McDonnell discovered that her Liberal Arts students had started a program specific Facebook page even before they entered college. Some students felt that the Facebook page was a more reliable way of staying on schedule with their homework than an agenda and that the Facebook page was an excellent way of catching up after missing one or several classes or getting additional information about concepts not totally mastered in the classroom.

Resources Associated with the ICT Profile

Published September 25, 2017

Using readability analysis to make students stronger writers

Training students on the concept of readability may help them become more mindful and effective readers and writers. Readability software tools, like and Gradeproof, can yield accurate and useful analysis of a text’s structure and language mechanics.

Resources Associated with the ICT Profile

Published February 28, 2017

Zotero: How to Seduce in Methodology

This Profweb story shows how using the Zotero bibliographic management software helps improve the quality of notes and bibliographies.

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