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The ICT Profile for College Students is composed of skills for researching, processing and presenting information. Two other skills can be added: inviting students to work in a network and to use ICTs efficiently and responsibly. These skills are essential to both college and university studies, as well as in the labour market.

ICT Profile Skills

  1. 1 Search for Information
  2. 2 Process Information
  3. 3 Present Information
  4. 4 Working in a Network
  5. 5 Use ICTs in an Efficient and Responsible Manner

New Publications about the ICT Profile

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Published November 30, 2017

Google Classroom to Support Sustainable Learning in the Dental Prosthesis Program

Julie Jacob Teacher, Cégep Édouard-Montpetit

I teach in the Dental Prosthesis Program. During the winter session, I give the course Conception et confection de pièces squelettiques II to students in their 4th semester in the program. This course allows them to finish acquiring the skills essential for them to succeed the integration activity. However, the students do not have the opportunity to practice these skills between their 4th and 6th semester of studies. This means that 3rd year students sometimes have difficulty finding theoretical or practical notions from the year before. For this reason, I set out to find both, a way to ensure the safekeeping of course contents and a means of making the content easily accessible to the students.

Dental Technology


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Published September 6, 2017

Contributing to the Educational Success by Mastering the Digital Skills of Students and Teachers

Nicole Perreault REPTIC Community Leader, Fédération des cégeps

As part of the Fédération des cégeps’ Colloquium, the College Network in the Digital Age, Nicole Perreault, ITREP Network animator, presented a conference entitled Contributing to the Student Success by Mastering the Digital Skills of Students and Teachers. The slideshow is available in English, as well as notes to accompany the presentation.



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Published March 23, 2017

ICT Profile and Digital Badge Experiments

Nicole Perreault REPTIC Community Leader, Fédération des cégeps

The ICT Profile for College Students generated many projects, including two digital badge experiments, which attest mastery of digital skills. The fist took place in a situation of recognition of acquired competencies (RAC) in college; the other in regular day training. The system will be available to all colleges, in the DECclic/Moodle environment: colleges will award ICT Profile Badges to their students. They will also benefit from an institutional space within which they can award their own badges.